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Compare Yield Trends Between Different Bonds and Sukuk with Yield Chart and Export Data from BIX Website to Excel
BIX Malaysia has recently added two new functions on its website: The Yield Chart and Export to Excel functions. BIX users now can view charts of the yield trend of individual bond and sukuk, and export bond and sukuk securities information from BIX Malaysia website to Excel.

Yield Chart: Track the yield trend and compare the yields between two different bond or sukuk.

The yield chart function allows BIX users to see the trend of the traded yield of a bond or sukuk security over time. There are options to see the yield trend within a specific timeframe ranging from the last 1 month to since the inception of the bond and sukuk.

Figure 1: DRB-HICOM IMTN 4.150% 12.12.2022 yield chart since the last 3 months
One example of the Yield Chart is shown in Figure 1 above, which is the yield chart for a sukuk issued by DRB-HICOM Berhad. Based on the Yield Chart, it shows the traded yield of the sukuk was volatile throughout May 2020 ranging from 3.54% to 4.45%.

Figure 2: DRB-HICOM IMTN 4.150% 12.12.2022 yield chart since inception

When the Yield Chart timeframe was set to Since Inception as shown in the Figure 2 above, we can see that this DRB-HICOM sukuk’s traded yield has declined by 12 basis points from 12 December 2019 to 10 August 2020.

Figure 3: Compare Chart with different bond or sukuk

BIX users can also compare the yield chart against other bonds or sukuk either issued by the similar issuer or different issuers. To compare the yield chart, users can click “Compare Chart” icon as shown in the Figure 3 which they can choose different bonds or sukuk by category (Government or Corporate), or they can type in the issuer name of other bonds or sukuk. For example, let say users want to compare the DRB-HICOM IMTN 4.150% 12.12.2022 sukuk with another sukuk issued by GAS MALAYSIA BERHAD. After type in the issuer name and hitting the Search button, all bonds or sukuk issued by GAS MALAYSIA BERHAD will be listed as Figure 4 below.

Figure 4: List of bonds and sukuk issued by GAS MALAYSIA BERHAD

This Compare Chart function is limited to comparing two different bonds or sukuk at a time. So, users need to choose only one bond or sukuk from the list. For example, users can choose GASMSIA IMTN 3.520% 13.12.2022 from the list, and then hit the Compare button to compare  the traded yields with DRB-HICOM IMTN 4.150% 12.12.2022 

Figure 5: Yield Chart Comparison between DRB-HICOM IMTN 4.150% 12.12.2022 and GASMSIA IMTN 3.520% 13.12.2022 within 1-year timeframe

Figure 5 shows that the yield movement of DRB-HICOM sukuk is more volatile than the GAS MALAYSIA sukuk within a 1-year timeframe. Over the last one year, the GASMSIA IMTN 3.520% 13. 12.2022 yield has been moving steadily downward. The dots along the yield chart lines indicate that the DRB-HICOM sukuk are more frequently traded compared to GAS MALAYSIA sukuk.

This yield chart can be exported as an image from the BIX website to the user’s computer by clicking the Export as image button.

Export to Excel: Export Bond and Sukuk Securities Information, Rating Movements, and Trading Activities Data from BIX website to Excel.

Export to Excel button has been added to the BIX website, which enables users to export the bond and sukuk security information, rating movements and trading activities data from BIX website to the Microsoft Excel. The security information of an individual bond or sukuk on BIX website includes its stock code, issue date, profit rate, residual tenures, and some other information. Rating movements gives historical information on the rating changes of the bond or sukuk, if any, by rating agencies, while the trading activities give information on the yields traded, prices, amount of trades, and trade date. The Export to Excel function provides convenience to users doing data analysis in Excel when using BIX website as a source of information for Malaysia’s bond and sukuk.

Figure 6: Security Information

Figure 7: Security Information Exported to Excel

Figure 8: Rating Movements

Figure 9: Rating Movements Exported to Excel

Figure 10: Trading Activities

Figure 11: Trading Activities Exported to Excel


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